Sunday, August 16, 2009

CVS Trip

I would like to share my CVS trip with youall today.

2 School Boxes

6 J&J Travel First Aid Kits

4 packs of Papermate Pens

1 box of CVS Tampons

2 philips Earbud Head Phones

all for $3.25

Here's how: Everything you see I got ECB's Back for, so if you dan't have any ECB's you will have to pay OOP( out of pocket), but you will get all of ypur money back. Some things were Limil 1.

So Here's a Sencerio

Buy 2 School boxes @ $1.99 each

4 J&J Travel First Aid Kits @.99 each

2 Papermate pens @.99 each

1 Box of CVS Tampons @ $1.89

1 Philips Earbud Head Phones @ $6.99

At check out you will pay$18.80 + tax

You will get 18.80 bcak in ECB's

If you have any coupons use them. It will take more off the total, and you will pay less OOP.

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